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Mountain Fresh – Odour Neutraliser

A blend of odour neutralising chemicals which eliminates odours through a chemical process. Instead of masking or covering up the bad odour, Mountain Fresh aerosol traps odours and locks them into an odourless form. The strong mountain fresh fragrance masks odours while the neutralizing agents take effect. This is a perfect product to use in industrial areas where odour control is a concern including dumpsters, compactors, loading docks, open waste, recycling plants, drainage and restrooms.

  • Dry fogging aerosol masks odours instantly, then traps and neutralises the odour permanently
  • Destroys odours caused by Organic Waste and Decomposition
  • Effective against¬†Urine, Mercaptons, Hydrogen sulphide, food waste, smelly acids, thioethers, ammonia, cigarette smoke, amines, pet odours and animal waste.
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Odour-Neutralising Aerosol


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