White Lightnin – Biodegradable lubricant

//White Lightnin – Biodegradable lubricant
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White Lightnin – Biodegradable lubricant

Environmentally-friendly, non-conductive penetrating lubricant. Unique parasynthetic formulation is both food-grade and biodegradable. Use in food plants and in environmentally sensitive areas, as well as in industrial plants and municipal facilities. Use on nuts, bolts, chains, cables, pins, hinges, air tools, cams, slides, and other mechanical devices.

  • Displaces water
  • Safe on metals and plastics
  • Quickly penetrates rust and corrosion
  • Non-conductive — dielectric strength of 37,000 volts
  • Non-evaporative formulation provides long-lasting lubrication
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Food-Grade Penetrating Lubricant


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