Silicon Spray – Dry Lubricant

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Silicon Spray – Dry Lubricant

Silicon spray has an instrument for approval for use in a food processing establishment. Solvent-based, dry silicone, dry lubricant. Dries fast and leaves no oily film. Long-lasting and not affected by water and oil. Colorless, stainless, and waxless so it is safe on all surfaces including metal, glass, rubber, plastic, fabrics, and painted finishes.

  • Retards corrosion on battery terminals
  • Waterproofs ignition systems and spark plugs
  • Prevents sticking and jamming of all moving parts
  • Perfect for snow plows and shovels to aid in snow removal
  • Perfect for car doors, locks, trunk moldings, tools, guns, skates, sliding windows, and doors

Product Description

Water Proof Lubricant and Protective Coating


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