Quick Draw – Lubricating grease

//Quick Draw – Lubricating grease
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Quick Draw – Lubricating grease

Thick, red, penetrating and lubricating grease. Lithium based formulation sprays thin for maximum penetration and then sets up into a thick, grease for long-term friction reduction. Fortified with adhesive agents that keep the lubricant where it is needed most. Use in gears, ovens, autoclaves, dryers, valves, pumps, winches, conveyors, chain drives, fittings, linkages, threads, hinges, conveyors, bearings, and many other applications.

  • Non-chlorinated
  • Resists throw-off
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Prevents oxidation and rust
  • Water, acid, and detergent resistant
  • Performs in temperatures from -51°c to 260°c
  • Maximum performance even when subjected to high pressure, vibration, or repeated impact

Case Study – Medical Waste Facility 

At a medical waste facility, there is an autoclave, which is a pressure vessel that’s designed to use heat and pressure to sterilise specific substances. The autoclave operates at 152°C and about 350kpa for a 30-minute period. The period between door open and close is about 50 – 55 mins with the extra time being taken up by the vessel coming up to temperature before the cook cycle can begin and the cool down time just before the door opens.

Solution – Our client sprays quick draw at the start of the day when the rubber seal is cool to prolong the life of the door seals.  At this point in the day, the rubber seal has cooled and shrunk enough overnight for a small gap to appear in between where the ends of the seal are supposed to meet. The quick draw allows the autoclave door to swing closed and rotate shut without the seal becoming dislodged from its place. It also adds an additional seal to whatever tiny gaps might appear in between the door and seal, before the seal has had the ability to expand and fill all the gaps. Our client was regularly replacing parts and also had issues with loud ‘whistles’, however since using quick draw,  these issue have been resolved.

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Multi-Purpose Spray-Grease Lubricant


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