Hydroclean – Bio-Oxidant solution

//Hydroclean – Bio-Oxidant solution
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Hydroclean – Bio-Oxidant solution

Ultra-concentrated, stabilized bio-oxidant solution is ideally suited to devour heavy grease buildups in drain lines, lift stations and grease traps. Using hydroclean is excellent for total system cleanout prior to starting a biological or chemical preventative maintenance program such as Momar's 8-Alive.

  • 100% biodegradable, no toxic by-products
  • Non-flammable and No hazardous fumes
  • Devours grease, oil, fat, and other hydrocarbons on contact
  • Eliminates organic odours that bother neighbors and employees
  • Reduces CODs, BODs, FOGs, TSSs, and their related surcharges
  • Increases dissolved oxygen, which boosts biological metabolic activity
  • Scavenges poisonous hydrogen sulfide, preventing it from corroding metal surfaces
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Grease Devouring Drain Line, Lift Station, Pump well & Grease Trap Cleaner


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