How Bout Them Berries – Deodoriser

//How Bout Them Berries – Deodoriser
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How Bout Them Berries – Deodoriser

Extra-strength deodoriser instantly destroys cigarette smoke, pet odours, sewage odours, rotten food, mildew, and mustiness. Perfect for restrooms, school buses, smoking areas, garbage areas, lobbies, clinics, locker rooms, vehicles, and anywhere bad odours occur. Use on air purifiers, bowling shoes, carpeting, draperies, mattresses, HVAC systems, fabric, trash compactors, furniture, and upholstery.

  • Finely atomized dry spray — no messy fallout or staining and won’t wet floors
  • Odour encapsulants permanently neutralize organic odours
  • 360Âș spray-anyway valve system
  • Pleasant berry scent
Technical Data Sheet

Product Description

Fabric & Air, Fragrance-Infusing, Odour Eliminator


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