Drain Ox – Bio-Oxidant Solution

//Drain Ox – Bio-Oxidant Solution
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Drain Ox – Bio-Oxidant Solution

Active-oxygen fortified drain opener and maintainer. Drain Ox is a Bio-Oxidant solution that devours the fat, oil and grease that build up in kitchen drain lines, transfer pumps and grease traps. Also the bodily fluids such as blood, cellulite, and tissue that build up in surgical drains; and the sugars, syrups, and slime that build up in soda fountain drains, ice machine drains, and water fountain drains.

  • 100% biodegradable, non-flammable, and non-corrosive
  • Eliminates organic odors that bother neighbors and employees
  • Reduces FOGs, CODs, BODs, TSSs, and their related surcharges
  • Boosts biological metabolic activity downstream at the wastewater treatment plant
  • Scavenges poisonous hydrogen sulfide, preventing it from corroding metal surfaces
  • Manages the food safety risk of Listeria and fruit flies by providing a high level of drain sanitation
  • Meets the most stringent municipal wastewater requirements because it contains no surfactants, bacteria, enzymes, or solvents.
  • Will not effect valves, pumps, springs, rubber
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Stabalised Bio Oxidant Solution


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