Moflo – Instant drain unblocker

Is your drain blocked, smelly and running slow?

Here’s your trusted solution:


Why Moflo is the right solution for drains?

Plumbers & Maintenance Professionals

  • 30 years in the market
  • Industry recognised
  • #1 drain unblocked
  • Eats all organic material down your drain
  • Will not harm septic tank activity


  • Safe for use in metal or PVC plumbing systems
  • Formulated with virgin-grade 99% sulfuric acid
  • Will not harm septic tank activity


“The greatest product I have ever used”
Steve, Maintenance Manager - School
“WOW, an amazing drain unblocker”
Brendan, Facilities Co-Ordinator
“The go to product for the right job”
Colin, Owner - Plumber

Product FaQ’s

Frequently used drains in your bathroom, which includes shower, basin, floor waste, bath, kitchen sink, canteen drains, washroom drains, change rooms and locker room showers, basins and sinks.
Along with proprietary ingredients, Moflo contains 98% Sulfuric acid and a rust inhibitor to stop rusting in pipes.
Moflo has been supplied in Australia for the last 35 years.
Anything organic that goes down your drain from food scraps, grease, fat, sludge, oil, hair, soap, sanitary items, rags and coffee grounds.
Moflo will not effect regulated plumbing material which includes PVC plastic, copper, stainless steel, terracotta – do not use in aluminium plumbing.
Ensure you read the label before use and follow Safety Directions on the label. Ensure you pour Moflo slowly.
No, never mix Moflo and hot water together (ONLY COLD WATER)
Depending on the severity of the blockage and the size of the drain, read Directions for use on the label of the bottle.
Moflo is designed to be poured neatly and directly into a drain.
Ensure the water level is at drain level. If there is too much water in the pipe, it will neutralise Moflo and it wont work.
No, that means Moflo is reacting with water and the organic material to clear your drain.
It is best to wipe up any excess or residue with a dry cloth so Moflo is not left on a drain or surface.
No, once a substantial amount of water (More water than Moflo) is added to Moflo, it neutralises and become inert and no longer works.
No, Moflo is not designed for these drains.
No, Moflo is safe for use with septic tanks.
Immediately wash with excessive cold water

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