Graffiti can hit when we least expect, and more often than not, at a time that is most inconvenient. With our broad range of graffiti remover products designed to help in any situation, on many different surfaces, choosing the correct product is key. From porous to non-porous surfaces, Momar graffiti products can strip paints, paint graffiti remover, removes adhesives, carbon, decals, enamels, epoxy, gaskets, ink, lacquer, sealers, shellac, synthetic finishes, tar, marker pens, spray paint, crayons, wax and varnish. Safe on brick, ceramics, glass, masonry, metal, plaster, stone, hard tile, and wood. Great for removing graffiti on road signs, bricks, plastic chairs, tables, fences and much more.

Works on porous and non-porous surfaces with blistering action

Gasket applications: carburetors, engines, oil pans, valve covers, and water pumps

Decal applications: buses, trailers, meters, railroad cars, traffic signs, shipping containers

Paint removal applications: vandal marks, ink, marker, lipstick, spray paint, and paint sprayers